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[Eng] Anti-bacterial Products. Do We Really Need It?

In this globalisation period, mass production of anti-bacterial products has been manufactured by a lot of companies and they have been rapidly invading the market. Unfortunately, there are still quite number of people who are not aware with the advantages of using anti-bacterial products. In fact, we could see more articles regarding the effects of using anti-bacterial products instead of its advantages to human beings. Hence, let’s dive in and discuss about this matter in further details.

First thing first, do you know that anti-bacterial products provide a lot of benefits to human? These are some of the advantages for us to look at!

Figure 1 Anti-bacterial products in the market

The use of anti-bacterial products helps in minimizing the risk of infections. It would be very beneficial if it is being utilised by people who are always in close physical contact with old folks, individuals who work in food premises, those who are infected with organisms that are likely to be transmitted by direct contact and many more. The use of anti-bacterial products would definitely help in lowering the risk of getting infected for and from these groups of people.

Moreover, quite a number of articles stated that the use of this type of products may contribute to the increase in bacteria that are resistance to antibiotic. This allegation has been refuted by some organisations due to the fact that these types of products have existed for a long period of time and previous studies have yet to show any rising in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As a matter of fact, anti-bacterial products are safe to be used since previous research showed that added chemicals into these products will not interfere the normal function of human system

Most articles stated that elements with anti-bacterial properties such as triclosan are harmful to human and animal. We need to bear in mind that there are variety of elements with anti-bacterial properties, for example silver. Aurora Health Co comes out with a range of anti-bacterial products that use nano silver as element that gives out anti-bacterial properties.

Figure 2 Full range of “Gentle Protection Series”

Since ancient times, anti-microbial properties of silver allow it to be used widely in controlling infections and its effectiveness has been proven in previous studies. In fact, no harmful effects of silver towards human beings have been reported before. Hence, we are very confident that our anti-bacterial products are safe to be used in daily life!

All in all, it is always better to protect ourself and the loved ones by practicing proper hygiene practices to ensure a better way of living!



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